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To continue providing insight and perspective on recent developments, as well as guidance going forward, tune in to our most recent webinars here!  


April 16, 2020

Client Centered

Michael A. Matheson and Susan M. Anderson explored ways to re-frame the impact that the pandemic and social distancing has had on us all in this webinar on April 16, 2020. Michael and Susan were joined by featured speakers John L. Evans Jr., Ed.D., Executive Director for Janus Henderson Labs at Janus Henderson Investors, and Daniel Spenny, Director at Janus Henderson Investors.

Listen in to the replay here to see how Dr. Evans guided them on a rousing, evidence-based discussion on how best to conduct oneself for the foreseeable future. Dr. Evans touched on the following topics, and more

• Best exercise habits for this crisis
• How to get clarity on your ultimate mission
• Why journaling unlocks positive energy levels
• Which diet and foods are the most useful right now
• Understanding the Energy Pyramid and how it relates to this crisis

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April 3, 2020

Special Economic and Market Update

If you were unable to attend Michael A. Matheson and Susan M. Anderson's webinar "A Special Economic and Market Update" on April 3, 2020, a replay is available here. Michael and Susan were joined by guest speakers Nick Angell, Regional Vice President-Advisor Consultant for New York Life Investments, and Lauren Goodwin, CFA, Economist and Director of Portfolio Strategy for New York Life Investment Management's Multi Asset Solutions team. Listen in and learn more! 

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March 26, 2020

Special Market Update

In this special market update with Michael A. Matheson and Susan M. Anderson, you have the opportunity to hear from Rich Jacquemart, a Vice President for First Trust as well as Robert Carey, CFA, a Chief Market Strategist with First Trust. 

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